Monday, November 30, 2009

Brooke Skye and Kat Young do some dirty driving.

Brooke Skye and Kat Young were out driving around doing the things that girls like to do on sunny days. Brooke was driving and Kat rode shotgun. They were cruising down the freeway when Kat decided that she wanted a little action right there on the freeway.

This crazy Asian hottie leaned over and started taking Brooke’s shorts off as she drove down the street. Brooke is a wild one herself so she let them pull them right off.

brooke skye naked outside

Click the pic to watch the movie.

Kat wasn’t happy with just having the shorts off though. She leaned over and started rubbing Brooke’s tight body and shaved pussy through her sheer, sweet panties then she kissed Brooke on the mouth and slip her some tongue.

Brooke was so turned on she kissed back and the two started making out while Brooke was still driving down the road. Cars passed then as these two started getting it on right there in the moving car.

brooke skye lesbian sex

Click the pic to watch the movie.

They couldn’t hold back any longer so they pulled the car over and Kat attacked Brooke like a wild animal, tearing off her panties and putting her tongue on Brooke’s now dripping wet pussy.

Check out Kat Young’s site or Brooke Skye’s site to see the full movie and watch the rest of the hot girl on girl roadside action. These two wild girls are lucky they didn’t crash or end up in jail.


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